Abandoned Airports: El Toro Air Field


Today I am here to talk about an abandoned Military Air Base called El Toro Air field.

Built in 1942, in Irvine, CA (my home town), the El Toro MCAS(Marine Corps Air Station) hosted many millitary aircraft up until 1999, when the Base was decommissioned. The Base was one of the most important bases along the west coast storing multiple military craft and weapons.

Today, the base is now the Orange County great park, one of the largest parks in Southern California. The Base is also now used for BBCs Top Gear. Part of the base will be used to build the new Ducks (Hockey team) stadium within the next few years.

Infinite Flight
The base can still be seen in Infinite flight today, just take off from KSNA and head southe east and keep your eye out for patch of land that looks like an airport, but isn’t.

Thanks for reading this topic, if you have any Abandoned Airports you know about, tell me and I’ll research, just shoot me a PM! Thanks!

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That’s interesting. I think this base was featured in the original Independence Day movie, it’s where will smith was stationed. I love hearing about these old airports…


Very well said and organised!

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