Abandoned Advanced

Everyone in Europe is at school or work now, America is get to get up (mostly). Always quiet at this time (:


I’m at home and it’s 11am just had a maths exam though, that was great NOT


Tell you what… 0600Z - 1100Z is usually empty.

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I was controlling there 2h ago…now at work!


You are correct. 1300-5000ZULU time is full of ATC.

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We’re all having a big lunch together at Wendy’s. We’ll be back after a short nap.

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bro its like that all the time when I get on. 1900Z ATC’s are usually all on PG in the US…

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5000Z? I wish it were as many hrs each day.

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So that’s where Jeebak gets his hours from lol.


If you’re in that “slow period” and meet the minimum requirements, join us on the Advanced ATC team so we can provide service around the clock!

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


But if you control at that moment there are almost no planes 😞

They all go hand in hand! More controllers equals more appeal to fly during those times. :)


That is true, but the max is just 20 planes 😞 Mostly. But on that time there are mostly Some mods actieve that do Some pattern and that is Fun:)

Id rather fly than be ATC thats the only reason why I dont try it

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I’m kinda in one of those dead times sometimes (it seems). I might not be, but a lot of the time in the morining and night (when I fly) there is only one or two controllers at max.

Naaah, he’s just awesome!

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When i open this morning (for me) at 0700zt was just 1 plane after a bit 10 and 2 atc stations…so as Tyler said when you open a station the plane come

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Indeed. It all makes sence. Infinite flight pilots have all ways requested ATC because it’s additional realism. That’s why we see PG with lots of aircraft flying.

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