AbalNaseeb's ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey there I am training for my IFATC test after couple of weeks I will be submiting it…I’m trying to improve my tower control to be exact my pattern work, I will be opening tower/ground
Every day till my test day …so you are welcome any time to test my pattern work and to test yours to :)
Airport : OKBK
Server : training


Hi there! I was N3905KL in the Cessna 208.

Below is my feedback:

  1. Ground controlling was great, just try to be a little quicker in your responses and a tad bit more aware of the locations of the aircraft on the ground and not just in the air.
  2. When I requested takeoff on runway 15L remaining in the pattern, I was told to make right traffic. This was incorrect because my path of travel could have conflicted with the traffic on runway 15R.
  3. You had told me to enter downwind for no reason. It is ultimately the pilot’s responsibility to know when to turn on each leg of the traffic pattern. The only times that a pattern entry should be used are for spacing and runway changes. You should also use a pattern entry for when there are inbound aircraft on your frequency and there is no approach available.
  4. While on downwind, you had cleared me to land. This was incorrect. When aircraft are remaining in the pattern, unless they say they are on full stop, issue them a “cleared for the option” not “cleared to land.” Thankfully you realized your mistake and cleared me for the option and make left traffic, good job!
  5. While on downwind after the first pattern, you cleared me for the option but you also told me to make left traffic. The “make left traffic” was not needed as you had already instructed me to make left traffic when you cleared me during the first pattern.
  6. When I requested a runway change to runway 15R, you cleared me for the option and told me to make left traffic. This was incorrect. Remember, when an aircraft requests a runway change, give them a pattern entry, sequence (if required), and clear. And again, you gave me the wrong direction for the pattern, since I am now doing pattern work on runway 15R, I should be making right traffic, not left.
  7. You cleared me twice for the option on runway 15R. But you did correct your traffic direction to right traffic. Nice job!

Overall, you need to work on the theory laid out in the IFATC manual. Referring to tutorial videos, attached below via link, would be very useful too.

It also appears that you already have an active ATC Tracking Thread that I linked below. Why not use that one instead?
AlNaseeb's ATC tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

You must be more proactive, observant, and timely. You didn’t do too bad but you definitely need to work on a few key things. With that said, I hope to see you controlling on the Expert Server one day and good luck with in the continuation of your IFATC recruitment. ;)

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Firstly I really appreciate passing by and giving me some of your time to note your feedback
I will just tell you my point of view for each point with some questions so I can improve and understand what you meant much

  1. The delay for your taxi request was because I was just shocked that a plane diretlely ordered a taxi without a push back till I realised that you are in a cessna, so I delayed apx 10 seconds I will try my best next time to be faster
  2. by telling you make a right traffic because runway 15R was empty + there was a plane on right down wind runway 15L, so if you enterd left down wind runway 15L you will be face to face so I was working you both clockwise the airport so no conflicts will happen
  3. So what you are telling me is to not tell you the Base nor any pattern if you asked reamaining in the pattern did i get it right? ( If you meant such so i was mistaken deafently and will fix it the next time)
  4. I was mistaken with that and as you mentioned I’ve fixed my mistake thankfully 😅😂
    5.ohh it was a mistake by me I haven’t noticed that I will avoid it the next time :)
  5. I gave you enter right down wind runway 15R then gave you clearence for the option!


I am sorry for the long reply but I am really trying to understand my exact mistake…thanks a lot again for your time 💙


Aircraft should not have been on right downwind runway 15L, you should have told the other aircraft to enter left downwind 15L as they were going in the wrong direction of the traffic pattern, not me.

Exactly. As I said before, the only times that a pattern entry should be used are for spacing, runway changes, and when there are inbound aircraft on your frequency and there is no approach available.

As for the picture, you told KAC011 to enter right downwind runway 15R, not me (N3905KL).

ohhh ok but is it right to give a 180 pattern (from right to left)? or what should I do in that situation

opsss my mistake I am sorry I got confused, my mistake

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It would be acceptable to tell that aircraft to turn left downwind if they are positioned incorrectly in the pattern. As long as the aircraft can execute the turn into left downwind safely (which they would have been able to do) then you can tell them to do so.

perfect I will be doing so the next time…thnx again for your time I really appreciate it :)

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No problem! ;)
Mention me next time you open and if I’m available I’ll join. Last thing, I recommend you watch The Perfect ATC Test. It goes over pushback, taxi, takeoff, pattern work, transitions, etc. and it’s a very good way to understand how to properly take care of your airspace.

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I will once I open again …I’ve watched it once but I will for the second time and will concentrate on the video this time so I can understand better.

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Pattern entry isnt used for spacing :)

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Yeah, usually controllers will use speed commands, 360 turns, or go-arounds, situation and position depending. Calling base/extending downwind can be used as well if you want one aircraft to go ahead of the other because of potential spacing issues further down the line. But if an aircraft was supposed to make a left downwind but went right instead, I’d personally have them continue and correct them after they take off again and re-enter the pattern

When I was reading the manual they mentioned that it is usually used if the approach isn’t there am i right with that?

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Yup, you’ll want to use pattern entries for when Approach is not available, regardless of how the aircraft calls inbound. You’d also use them for runway changes.

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