AAvirtual Partnership?

I found this while just browsing the internet.

This news section was posted on the 19th of January, 2021, by AAvirtual, an ACARS and tracking site.

The article says:

“AAvirtual is excited to welcome the InfiniteFlight community. This has been our most requested feature over the past year. We’ll feature a full network-based ACARS with many features that users of traditional simulators enjoy. We’re working hard to integrate InfiniteFlight with all of AAvirtual’s systems and we’re expecting a launch late this Spring. We’ll share more on this exciting announcement in the coming weeks, including the opportunity to become a Beta tester.”

Any idea what this is, or what opportunities might come in the future?


This would be so amazing! But I don’t know about how many users would utilize this because since there is all ready a full-fledged virtual airline for American here in the infinite flight community. Competition is always welcome though, it makes everyone better.

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I’m wondering if its an inter-sim type thing. Like combining X-Plane, MSFS, FSX, IF, etc.

Not sure exactly what you mean but my VO uses ACARS with Infinite flight and are we are working to get it with MFS and Xplane. :)

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Sounds pretty cool. Not the first intersim VA/VO to have infinite flight as an option though, if I haven’t missed anything this title goes to virtualAIB

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Interesting. As far as I believe the IFVARB don’t allow multi-sim VAs.

To reduce operational and moderation complexity, mergers with VA’s of other simulators are banned.
IFVARB Policies

I’m not 100% sure if this applies here though, so I’ll be interested to see if they seek or get IFVARB approval.

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