AAVA fly out from ATC’s perspective

So today AAVA had a fly out from my home town Chicago. Here are some shots from my perspective, the first shot was while I was actively controlling, the rest are from the replay. Also huge thanks to @AmericanVirtual for having me. Also a thanks to @Rob_M and @MJP_27, for providing stellar radar services!

Hope you enjoy these shots, I didn’t put this in #screenshots-and-videos because these shots are full of UI 😂.


Thanks for ATC!!


How are your planes purple?

Or is that just the replay.

Tap the plane in your replay, select “Filter,” and it’ll turn purple with the white trails.

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Thanks for ATC you were awesome!!

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I saw myself! (Blue Streak 225). Thanks for the ATC.

Why did someone do a 360?

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Spacing probably


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