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Can anyone point me in the right direction or find out if I did it right. About 6 months ago I submitted a application to AAVA and didn’t get in but 2 days ago I went to the link they gave my to resubmit my application or take the test over and I scored 100%. It said someone would contact me in 48hr but I have not been contacted yet not sure if it’s not showing up for them??? Just trying to find the right person who can help me out??



AAVA staff members are very busy right now and I’m sure they will get to your application shorty.


How long has it been since you finished the test?

He said he submitted an application 6 months ago.

Yes but then after he said 2 days ago he resubmitted since he didn’t pass the first time.

But yes just be patient for now. I think mine took 3 days.

Sound good just wasn’t sure if it got to the right place and yes it was 2 days ago.

Just wait a little longer the guys might be a little busy with school starting back up. If nothing by Sunday message me and I can try to get you some answers.


Depends on the VA and how busy staff is. My VA for example, we try to check our applications daily and try to get people to join daily. If we’re busy, then we do it the next day. It just depends.


Remember that AAVA is a big VA, so depending on how many applications and things to look at, it may be a few days

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I am already in the VA i got accepted a while ago. Thank you for getting back to me.

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Yeah I just realized how late I am

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