“Aaron” Voice Bug

Bug Description: The Aaron Voice misplaces commas in transmissions by skipping ahead one word, with the exception of all other voices. This bug has not been observed or heard in this case, in the last update.

Expected: Transmission should read: “San Francisco Unicom, November Four Tango Echo, Taxiing to Runway 28R.

Result: Transmission reads: “San Francisco Unicom November, Four Tango Echo Taxiing, to Runway 28R.

Reproduction Steps: Just send a transmission using said voice

I’ve had this occur on numerous occasions. Simple restart of the app should do the trick.


Don’t really want to end a 12 hour flight so early, I’ll try it tomorrow and see how it turns out.

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Sounds good. Let us know how it turns out. Safe travels and happy tailwinds! 🙂 unless you’re heading west… then I’m sorry.


Heheheh. I am heading west 😂


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