Aaron en-US Voice Missing

I’m wondering, is there a way to access the Aaron voice? It seems to have been removed, and I’d rather not express myself on ATC with an American female’s voice, or a British male’s voice, as I am an American male.

That happened to me once and then they all returned. It’s probably a glitch.

Try going into setting in your device -> accessibility
-> speech and you should have all your voices and can download new voices. Some people experienced this issue after an IOS update.

I can’t find a speech section under “Accessibility”

Click voices. Search speech on settings and it’s the first one.

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It’s there. Thanks! However, the Aaron voice is no longer an option, I’m sure Tom or Siri Male will work.

Are they fully downloaded?

Yeah, but I had to close and reopen the app for them to appear. All good now!

Ok so it worked. Great. Enjoy!