Aaron_Drake-Worth’s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A


Airport: N/A
Sequencing practice / runway changes would be ideal please.

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Hey are you going to open today? If you are planning on it, @ me and I’ll try and come!

I am open now.

I’m coming!

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Thanks! I look forward to it!

Hey man! Good session today! Everything was perfect except for your transition altitude.

Transition altitude is 2500ft + the airfield altitude. Then rounded up to the NEXT 500ft mark. So EGHQ is 390 above sea level, then add that to 2500 (2500+390=2890ft). Now, we have to round up to the next 500 ft. So 3,000ft IS your transition altitude.

Other than that everything was perfect! We’ll have to get a couple more aircraft in the pattern next time. :D

Tag me when you open again!

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Thank you so much! Is the 3000ft transition altitude the same for all aircraft or is it different for commercial aircraft? :)

It’s going to be the same for all aircraft.

Pattern work altitudes is where altitudes are different for commercial and GA.

Other recommendation a well, I would suggest airports with 2 parallel runways for runway changes and 2 separate patterns. Ex. KEUG, KAUS, LFBO, etc.


All understood. Thanks :)

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Hi everyone! I am open at LFBO (Toulouse) for some pattern work/sequencing hopefully! It would be great if some of you could pop along! Thanks :)

Are you still open?

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I’m not too sure if he’s still open after 17 hours , may of just forgotten to change the title.

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Hi sorry, I just forgot to change the title. I apologise for any inconvenience.

I’ll stop by

Please when your closed please change your title to closed.


Practical today! Is anyone coming?


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I passed my practical thanks everyone for supporting me! :)


Congratulations on passing your tests!

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Congratulations, Welcome to the team.

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