Aaron.C’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Thank you for coming out! Sorry I forgot the runway crossing there! Thanks again!

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I wish I could come but I’m over the Pacific Ocean

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Guess you better gun it then ;) just kidding no worries! I’m still open for a bit, but I’ll probably open again later!

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I will try and make it, I still have 6 hours left

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I might not be open that long haha but at some point after that most likely!

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Hey, thanks for opening! Overall you did pretty well but had some minor mistakes. I’ll leave some feedback below:

  • @PlaneGeek and I plotted some scenarios for you and you actually did really well! The go around tests were done very well but be sure to wait to give him the exit command until he starts turning off the runway

    • When you clear someone for the option, they can do any of the following: touch-and-go, low approach, missed approach, stop-and-go, or full stop landing.
  • You told me to enter right base to runway 5 while I was still on upwind for 15R after I requested the runway change. You should’ve given me an enter right downwind runway 5 command instead.
    Image result for aircraft pattern

  • Finally, you gave me the exit command while I was still in the air.

    • Be sure to give this command to an aircraft at a safe exiting speed (70kts or below)

I reccomend contacting an IFATC recruiter, if you haven’t already, via the topic linked below:

Hope to see you on the IFATC slack in the near future, and good luck!

Best regards,


Thanks a lot for that. You guys kept me on my toes! I haven’t had much practice with multiple aircraft in the circuit so that was a lot of help I appreciate it! For the runway change I was debating between downwind and base, I figured if you started a right hand turn towards 05 you’d be set up for a nice long base. But I’ll take note of that! If it wasn’t for the other 2 circuit traffic I would have accommodated the runway change but I figured that would get too much to handle. And yea sorry, I was only looking at the airspeed not if you were actually flying or not, it momentarily showed 70 so I sent the command. I’ll make sure to check visually!

Thanks a lot for coming out that was really good practice especially with the varying airspeed, I feel a lot more comfortable for my practical, hoping to do it next week.

I was JAY-636 and Show-Me 69 in the TBM

You seem to know the basics of Tower and ground control.

Here are the things you did good on:
When I requested frequency change on ground you gave the right command.
Transition altitude was great
My clearances were great as well

Me and @Alpha1Aviator some go around tests on you and you did good with sending him around, but you gave me a ton of unnecessary and wrong commands.

  • For example, when I was acting dumb and entered the RW without permission, you on guarded me when you should’ve said, “you were not cleared to enter the runway”
    Furthermore, @Alpha1Aviator was following me closely the whole time and you didn’t really do anything about it. If you separate us earlier on, you can prevent go arounds from happening.

Like Alex said above, you repeatedly told me to enter base, when the correct command was supposed to be downwind, not base

Also, you gave me my exit runway command while I was taking off.

  • When I am cleared for the option, I can do a stop and go as well, which I did. When I was airborne, you told me to wait for clearance which was unnecessary. You also gave me my exit RW command while I was in the air.

Make sure you check out the ATC tutorials in #tutorials and as well as Infinite Flights ATC tutorials to gain more knowlege

Overall, you are a great controller, you just need some more knowledge and practice with ATC
Happy controlling!


Hi thanks for stopping by, that was very beneficial and appreciate the notes! The reason I on guarded you at the start was on my screen you turned grey for both frequencies when you entered the runway, and I was assuming you had tuned out of both frequencies to test me since you already entered the runway, hence the on guard. I was trying to find the you were not clear to enter the runway but all I could find was not clear for takeoff, so I’ll have to play around and find that I guess!

Also, I completely forgot Stop-and-go’s are a thing so glad you tested me on that. I’ll make sure to wait before giving the exit command and not clear for takeoff warning.

Thanks for the help, the scenarios and the advice from both of you! I’ll work on those things for sure!

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Closed now, thanks everyone for coming out and the feedback!

What? Don’t do this. The exit command should be given around 60kts, at which point the aircraft is almost certainly still on the runway but should be able to exit shortly. An exit command while they are already exiting is late and isn’t really helpful.

Edit: What he said works for the option without a prior “full stop” call. In other cases, you still shouldn’t do it.


Open at KSEA for about 30 minutes (will reopen shortly after that again though). Come try out the new XCub!

Closed thanks to who came out. Will open again soon!

Open at KBOS. Come out and try the XCub!

I am coming!

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I will stop by mate, just give me 10 minutes

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Is he closed?

He needs to put closed in his title when he closes

Still open! Come on by!

Expert right?