AarkonTV's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Sorry guys I have to do something… will be back in 40 min, feel free to give feedback about what I just did

Hi Aarkon
Bit short, but just a couple of points:

  • It took a while for you to clear me for the option, even after prompting with my position, downwind would of been better rather than on final

  • When clearing for the option, no need to say right traffic, as was already in right pattern from your take off command. Its only necessary, if there is a runway change or for when putting an inbound for TnG’s on a runway for the first time


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Yeah I was thinking about saying enter right downwind, but you were close to turning base, that’s why I thought of clearing you for the option. I will take note of the other point, Thanks!

My mistake…
Thanks for the feedback :)

No worries,
No need to give me a pattern entry either, only on a runway change or if traffic is inbound.
Have you checked out the tutorials?

PS not sure why the approach one is coming up first 💁

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Yeah I have watched most but I will go over it again :)

Sorry guys not able to open up again tonight,will see yall tomorrow:)

I’m open for 20 min or so
Landing 18L, takeoff 18R
Come stop by!

I’m open at KSAN! Come stop by!

Takeoff and landing runway 27

Open at KSAN come stop by for some patterns:)

Surely someone

Thanks for stopping by @Kryzlot

Sorry for not saying continue taxi :/

No worries. Good job identifying that though!!! Only thing is when I announced on right downwind 27 full stop all you need to say is roger as I’m just letting u know I will be landing and exiting the runway. U do not need to give a new landing clearance because u had already cleared me for the option which covers everything including a full stop and exit

Thanks for controlling and good job 👍

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Ok cool, thanks for the feedback

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No problem!

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Open at YPPH come stop by anyone

Landing runway 03
Takeoff runway 03 and 06

I’m open now at KSAN
Anyone please stop by

Open at KSAN please anyone stop by :)

Surely someone come on!!

I’m coming in a bit to help you out with by flying some patterns