AarkonTV's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey Guys
I am looking to become part of IFATC in the future so I am making an ATC Tracking Thread for the IFC to critique me and help me become a better controller! I will mainly be practicing at KIAH. If you could make it out one day that would be amazing! IFATC members, bring it on.

Guys I’m open now come stop by!

You still open? There’s currently no ATC at KIAH on the TS.

Don’t forget to put “Closed” in your title when you close! Thanks!

No I’m still open!

I see you are, I’ll stop by.

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Nooo I have to go finish something I’ll be open in like 15 min I’m so sorry:(((((((

Here you go :)

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I’m still new so dont hate on me too bad

Thanks :))

And what were you going to do after requesting transition or was I supposed to give you further instructions?

I’ll send you a PM :)

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reminder to change the title to closed - I see you are no longer controlling

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I am opening again now had to do somethin

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Guys join I’m open now for a while

Of course that guy wouldn’t litsen he made it close

yeah, that’s too bad. at least there was no mid-air collision. Thank you so much for controlling! Heading over to love field now. I saw nothing wrong with what you did, nice job! (:

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Thanks so much, have a good rest of your flight!

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oh, and, good luck with IFATC!

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Thanks I hope to get there someday:))

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Come on down guys open for a bit
Landing runway 8L, Taking off runway 8R