AarkonTV's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED THEORY]

Part 2 of my other thread come down and fly some patterns

Guess I’m gonna have to go be a controller at LAX😥

Anyone please I beg

You’re going to need to wait for someone on an appropriate timezone to be an attendant for your session. Not everyone is in the same timezone so messages like these could be received the next day while their sleeping, etc.

Trying this again.

I’m coming!

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im coming in now

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That’s why I am mostly 1 to 2 hours open… Even if I don’t have any planes in- or outbound. Cause you need to take the timezones in to account :-P… Sometimes I am ATC at an aiport where there is 0 in- and outbound for at least 1 hour…

So I’d advise you, @AarkonTV, to do something in the meantime… Traffic will always come :-)!

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Where did you go? @Lil_Qaz

My network is bad. Everything was good I would recommend going To some place that has parallel runways

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I’ll go to a new airport soon

open at WSSS

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open at KRNO

Open now at Hooks memorial airport
Wont be on IFC until I’m done

Please come down peeps

Open at KDWH

Still open :)

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Coming sauce boss

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Get ready to see some BUTTER landings as Aaron proceeds to die dramatically in a hard landing

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I’m ready 😂

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