AAR Track (200) "Contact"

Taken on 24/08/2022, F18 “CAMELOT II” takes a drink from KC-10 “ORCA 4”

Flying AAR Track (200) Eastern Gulf of Mexico, South West Coast of Florida. FL300. 4 Hours on Station. Departure airport for Orca 4 was Tyndall AFB FL. Camelot II departed Marathon Key FL.

This was not set up to happen, but contact was made directly over my house in Cape Coral FL, I can see the Street and over Ft. Myers Beach. How often will that chance take place ?

Taken on the Training server. Approximately.

Camelot II is flown by “Will_M” a IFC member.
I messaged him to tell him I have a ton of screen pics. If anyone knows him pls let him know to message me. Thank you.


I like the last one the most because of the coast, nice photos!

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I have alot that show the Coast during the refueling but it said only 3 pics permitted.

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Most likely because of your trust level, continue bein active and you’ll be able to post 10 soon!

Lol, I’ve been in the Community for years and have full trust level as far as my profile shows?

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Says you have member, may be a glitch or something then. Regular is the most you can get I think, After is Staff and Mods which I don’t really count but yeah, seems to probably litch or something I don’t know.

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My mistake ! I was able to post a few more.

so beautiful