AAL57 Squawk

Flight AAL57 bound for Miami just returned to EGLL/LHR after they squawked a 7700, which, if i am correct means general emergency?

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Hmm, maybe search it up or ask an aviation geek around here? Sounds pretty unusual… :-/

I cant upload the pics because of “unauthorized file?”



Lol @Captain_DJ, those were the exact photos I was trying to attach!

Well the tweet says “tech problem”

Will be interesting to see what kind of tech problem specifically

7700 = General Emergency
7600 = Radio Failure
7500 = Hijacking

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Thought no one would ever type this out and here it is!

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It’s just what it says, general emergency.

General covers a very large amount of stuff. There was quite recently a blog post about this:

The last few lines and headings states this:

What’s the one thing you would want passengers or people tracking a flight to know about aircraft emergencies?

Don’t assume the the aircraft has, or is, suffering a catastrophic failure of some kind. Get the facts before issuing a “Breaking News” headline on social media.

Anyways, as you probably understand, this could be anything.

As @Keegan_Gidley said

7700 = General Emergency = “seven seven near to heaven”

7600 = Radio failure = “seven six Radio makes just

7500 = skyjack = “seven five man with a knife”


Damn son, where’d ya find this? 😆

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Probably medical, you see quite a lot of those.

Read it somewhere, I don’t know. I think it was in another forum. Helps a bit to bookmark the different Squawks.

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If you have Flight Radar 24 you can set it so you will get a notification every time an aircraft squawks

Yea but 7600 are kinda spammy since GAs always suffer from it…

Just got another squawk report…AAL717 from Munich to Philadelphia squawking 7700.

To those who don’t know…

AvHerald is the place for such news… :)

Re-directed to Manchester for emergency landing

Any updates on this flight? I’m wondering what happened in the end?