AAL1622 DEN-DFW (Screenshots and Charts)


Today, I flew from DEN to DFW with @bham_aviation and @aviationmaliq on Instagram.

The flight took 1:44, and was pretty uneventful. Almost no winds, so the seatbelt sign was off for the majority of the flight. Cruising altitude was 35,000ft, with a M0.83 speed. We followed the SPAZZ Four departure out of DEN, then arrived via the VKTRY Two arrival at DFW. The route we took was KDEN RAYDR JETAG JEPPC SPAZZ TBE BGD MDANO BELFR HHULL LETNN ZUBOV VKTRY ZMMAN PHAUP KDFW.

Departing KDEN 17R.

Passing through FL200 for FL350.

Cruising at 35,000ft.

Turning final for 18R at DFW.

Over the touchdown zone on 18R.

Resting at the gate in Dallas.

If anyone is interested, here are the charts we used for departure and arrival.



Here are links to our accounts if you want to check them out.




This is my first topic in the #screenshots-and-videos category, so definitely let me know how I did and what I could improve on.


Very Nice! Thanks for visiting Denver :)