AA2904 ksfo-kdfw

Hello everyone! Today I flew something I’ve been meaning to fly for awhile! KSFO-KDFW, AA2904. This is an early-morning flight I used to be on quite frequently when I lived in the Bay Area!

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!

Fueling and prepping for the flight at SFO

Spooling up and taxiing away from the gate

Holding short at Runway 28L while final checks are completed

Beautiful shot of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge on climb-out!

Off in the distance you can see Yosemite!

I think anyone flying over New Mexico will agree that it truly is one of the flattest states in the country.

Caught a good view of DFW from above while on descent!

Didn’t quite butter the landing. But any landing you can walk away from is a good one!

Taxied to Terminal D once on the ground

Docked at Gate D34


Very nice pics although be careful on some shots you can see the pink waypoint instruction on the top and I don’t think that is allowed

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Hi there, thanks for the concern! Just so you know, small things like waypoints and ATC messages are generally allowed because they are not obstructive . Me and others have been able to to post screenshots like that in the past.


Okay good to know ! Love the shots and the AAL A321 !

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aaahh the saturation