AA1057 final report

Infinite flight safety board
AA 1057 final report

The aircraft involved in the accident, an Airbus A321-231 registered N101NN had only 19 hours of flight time as it was only delivered to Infinite flight 2 days prior to the crash. It was powered by two IAE-V2500 engines and features sharklets on the wing as opposed to the wing tip fences on it’s little brother the Airbus A320.
The crew
13 year old Captain Jack Doyle, has 188 hours and 158.01K XP on IF live. He is a member of AA VAIF.
First officer and His little brother Jamie aged 9 had roughly 58 hours and 10K XP.
189 passengers and crew were on-board the aircraft for a 25 minute flight from Honolulu intl airport the Hilo intl airport. No passengers had any hostile intentions.
The accident itself
At 14:07 NZST, flight 1057 was on a 6 mile final for runway 08 at PHTO. The PF disengaged the auto pilot but the external joystick he was using was not responding to any movement. After unplugging the joystick the PNF said “fly with the device. You have control.” The PF acknowledged with “I have control.”
Tilting the device also did not work, within a spilt second the captain engaged the auto pilot and turn on the APPR. This resulted in a violent nose up pitch to about 45-50°. The aircraft began a sharp roll to the left and started to fall. At 14:08 NZST, AA flight 1057 crashed into a slope 4.7 nautical miles from runway 08. The aircraft hit the ground in a 19° nose down attitude, a 30° bank angle and a VS of -8870.

Cause of crash
In a matter of hours after the accident, the IFSB (Infinite flight safety board) summarized that the cause of the crash is side stick failure. However the reason the default device tilt system failed is not determined. Captain Jack’s joystick will be replaced in the new year if need be.

The IFSB is a concept on this forum but I’m just using it as a gimic.


Let us pray for the virtual families.


great report! I’ll make them on my future crash (but its very rare… my last IF accident was a stall after take off at KSAN, 2-3 weeks ago)

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I only crash on solo (and sometimes free flight. Hey, a guy can mess around a little, am I right?).


My First IF Accident was in a China Airlines 747-400 at Sydney, where I forgot to deploy the flaps before takeoff. Sadly it got small lift, but stalled and crashed. China Airlines 56 was toast, 58 out of the 385 passengers, headed for Taipei died as a result, 2 more passengers died as result of their injuries. The total death count was 60, with 325 passengers surviving. China Airlines fired me, but after the North Koreans found out about this accident, Air Kyoro hired me 😂


After taking off, I engage AP very quickly. 2000-4000fpm till 1500 ft when I will descend and land. Also to get xp quickly, I turn very quickly after take off. Also Instead of turning 90 degrees, I turn right onto downwind. Well this time after engaging AP, I was looking at the map. When I changed The screen, however, it seemed as if the AP was disengaged and the nose pitching down. I pulled up. The plane bounced the first time however the second time the plane stalled crashing it.

I love these accident reports

So… The IFSB is still in action. Good to know. :)


In the words of the infamous Donald Trump…YOU’RE FIRED!!!