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Hey IFC, today I flew American’s 737 in the Chrome livery (aka the best one). The flight was from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. So here’s the info about the flight and the pictures.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: B737-800
Flight Time: 1h 00m

American’s best livery sitting at Little Rock National Airport

Engine startup at LIT

Lifting off runway 22R bound for DFW

Flying west towards Texas

Soaring over rural Oklahoma

Turning onto final for runway 17C at DFW

Moments from touchdown

Crossing runway 17R

Taxiing to the terminal

Parked at AA’s main hub; DFW

Thanks for stopping by!


Great photos! :)


Love em!


Never called it the chrome livery, don’t think it really has a name… I just call it the 1968 livery, but we all know the best is the Astrojet 😉

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Great photos! Thanks for flying from my home airport and a route ive flown probably 200 times haha


Impressive shots!!


@PilotChrisSG, @Flightistic, and @Ben_McCarthy thank you!

@nativetoalaska it actually is known as Chrome believe it or not! And AstroJet is cool, but not the best 😂

@N1RG is that IF or real life? 😂


That would real life

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Wow that’s crazy!
I usually fly AA

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I do too. Thats why I fly that route alot

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Yeah makes sense 😂
Although USAir kind of ruined them 😒

Lol. I fly AA about a dozen to a dozen and a half time a month

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Lucky 😂
Yeah I have family that worked for them for decades

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I must be one of the only ones that like the new livery more, I remember being in CYYZ once in 2014 and I saw a Chrome next to a new livery and I knew at that moment I’d like the chrome more


something is missing
the polls, best photo and thread rating.

meh, good photo's
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Wow nice attempt making a spoiler
Jkjk thanks lol

Yeah I stopped that because no one votes 😂

Wait you do or don’t? You said you did but then said you liked Chrome more? Just asking because I do like the new livery, but Chrome just has character.

okay blur spoiler not working for me weird

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I think there are only four people in Infinite Flight who have flown out of KLIT. You, Dylan, his brother, and me lol

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