AA MD-80 Nose gear ripped off


Least it could have been a less interesting/exclusive aircraft like the 737-800 and A320 Family…


How did it rip off ?

Reminds me of that Iran Air 727 in Tehran

Oh, let’s pull the nose gear with the parking brakes on and see what happens.

I love the man’s response:

Tug: Ok, let’s go.
MD-80: Oh hell no! Eat this parking brake ya piece of s***!
Tug: Begins to move. Rips nose wheel off MD-80.
MD-80: Thud. Owww!
Man: Run for your lives! A wheel fell off! We are all going to dieeeee!


I forget where it was written but the parking break was left on. Don’t mess with the power of McDonnell Douglas