AA E190 sensor issue with the landing gear, forced to do emergency landing

Landing gear issues cause emergency landing at S.A. airport

An American Airlines plane was in the air for 25 minutes at the San Antonio International Airport due to a sensor issue on a landing gear that pilots were trying to fix mid-air caused a large emergency response.

American Airlines E190 aircraft was heading to Philadelphia, when the pilots discovered a sensor issue with a landing gear.
Nearly 20 San Antonio Fire Department units were dispatched to the North Side of the airport for emergency landing.




So just to clarify, it was just a sensor malfunction? It wasn’t an actual gear issue?

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From what I could understand and read it was just a sensor issue but the pilots didn’t want to take the chance.

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I swear its mostly the small aircrafts lol


Weird considering the United Express E-175 that landed with a collapsed nose gear last week at the same airport


Hmmmm. Interesting. I used to live in San Antonio and flew out of San Antonio a lot. Cool

How is an emergency landing cool?

I didn’t mean it like that. Sorry.

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