AA CRJ-900 trip report

Hello IFC I have another trip report! I’m in Charlotte and headed down to Charleston for a family reunion and I might fly a cessna out of the private airport. Anyways enjoy this trip report.

Cruise ALT: FL220
Flight time: 34 minutes
Flight number: PSA 5377

Here’s our plane for today. N600NN a Crj-900LR that recently switched from CanadaAir to PSA.

My seat down to Charleston. 23A

Legroom isn’t great but will last me an hour.

Lined Up on Charlotte’s runway 18L


Cruising for about 2 minutes over some towns near Rock Hill, SC

Starting our initial approach into KCHS

Banking onto final

Landed safely on runway 21

Thank you for the ride American Eagle!


I find it very hard to fly the CRJ. But these are amazing photos!