AA Computer Lets Too Many Pilots off During Holiday Season

American Airlines, a major airline who operates mostly in America, has encountered a holiday nightmare for themselves and their passengers. The airline’s computers malfunctioned and allowed more pilots to take a Christmas vacation than was anticipated, leaving thousands of flights without pilots to fly them. This has sent the airline scrambling to bring their pilots back, offering a 1.5x pay than normal for pilots who are willing to give up their vacation. As of this post being created, this story has reached the Google trending page and many media sources are following the story. You can find an article from the LA Times in the link down below:

I believe that this is on one hand a blessing in disguise for pilots who want to be with family on Christmas, but a disaster for passengers and American. I believe that the airline should either raise the extra pay, as I think this is way too little for what they’re asking of the pilots, or they should re-book passengers with other airlines. Then again, if I were one of the pilots given a vacation with family, I would prioritize family time.


I think it will all turn out fine and everyone will get their way! (Pilots get more $$ and extra benefits, passengers get the flight, and the airlines Reputation goes up for solving the problem)


The union doesn’t want the pilots to take the extra pay either. I don’t think a higher pay rate will do much.

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This is interesting to hear after not getting any service on my AA flight due to “bad turbulence”. They were 2 rows ahead of me when they had to suspend service…oh well I have had decent experiences with them in the past.

this was caused by a computer glitch from what i read

If I was one of those pilots, they could offer me a lot more and I’d still refuse. I’d hate to tell my family I was going to be home for Christmas only to be yanked back from them.
I hope this gets resolved.

i think u shud change the title cuz it’s just a tad misleading

Not really…how is it misleading?

the title makes it sound as if it was the company that let pilots take days off
maybe misleading isn’t the right word here

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You have a point, I’ll change it. (technicallly the ones running the computers are American Airlines, but yes it was the computer itself that did it.)

Yes, I cover that in my post; you possibly missed it or didn’t read what I wrote. I didn’t know I was that boring ;)

i didn’t mean to sound too demanding
just thought that changing the title would avoid further confusion when discussing about the point in matter

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No of course not, you didn’t sound demanding. I believe that you have a valid point that people would have a slight misinterpretation of this incident, and your input, as well as anybody else’s input, will be taken into consideration by me.

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