AA announces final MD80 flight

Through social media, American Airlines has announced that their final MD80 will take off from DFW to ORD on September 4th. Afterwards it will head to Roswell, “the airplane graveyard”
In my opinion, very sad moment, I’ve always enjoyed the MD80, truly an end of an era.


It would have been sooner but they brought a lot back to cover the gap for grounded max planes.

I will miss the MD80. Comfy seats and the smoothest landings.


This was the first plane I ever flew in, I’m so sad to see it go.


Well, it’s had its glory days… Sad to see this :(


So sad to see this beauty get retired.🙁


I’ve always wanted to fly on one… well, they had their time. Rest in peace Mad Dog. 😥


At least Delta has a lot of MD88’s, but this is sad to see them go :(.

I should try and fly on the final flight.


Delta is also accelerating the retirement of MD80s…


I have vivid memories of these beasts coming to LGA/JFK. Back when they were so common at these places. Haven’t seen an MD-80 in 3 years now…


I hope a can fly the last flight. I’m going to ask my parents

RIP I never got to fly on the legend very sad to see it go in the original American livery it will be missed for sure


Always loved seeing them in PIT been replaced by the 737-800 for all but the occasional flight here, I’ll miss you old friend. The Mad dogs were some of the first planes I really loved…

Ah, such a shame. Beautiful plane. I only flew on a Swissair MD-83 once, a very long time ago. Would have loved to get another chance but I won’t make it to the States before it retires.

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The classic KSAT-KDFW route with them will be gone and I have flown that 6 times now. I was fortunate enough to be next to the engines twice on that route and I did take a nap while they were running. I last flew on one 3 weeks ago. I will miss you MD80 :(


I need to fly on this plane but

  1. I live in the UK
  2. I have no time

This is unfortunate but I hope to catch Volotea’s 717 (Close enough, right?)


Oh no! I will definitely be at KDFW to see it on its last journey. I’ve already marked my calendar.


I sat at the very last seat in the plane. I opened my window and it was the engine. Growing up I didn’t like this airplane but I have grown to love it. I will miss it dearly.

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If only it was possible to complete a smooth landing with the MD80 in Infinite Flight. 😅

I’m sad to see this airplane go

When I took a nap the person next to me though I was a bit crazy because how could I put up with the noise. I explained that I flew to Oslo from Newark when I was 6 months old and slept on the floor and grew up flying MD80s or DC9s flying them at least 4 times a year for 8 years so I got used to the noise.

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