AA 2235 Takeoff from KDTW

This is an American airlines 737-800 that took off from DTW that I was on. There was a 40 second roll before we rotated and my widow was vibrating for the 5 hour flight to PHX

Good evening Blackbird71,

Nice photos! I just checked:

• AA 2235 is a flight from Dallas to Charlotte

• There are no AA B738 flying between DTW and PHX

• A flight between Detroit and Phoenix takes three and a half hours not 5hours.

Nothing against you, but are you sure about your info?


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Yes i am sure. It is AA2235 Boeing 737-800 flight from KDTW to PHX and yes there is flights on 737-800 from dtw phx becuase i was on one. And phoenix is the 4th most popular destination out of detroit

They changed it cause i tracked that flight for a few weeks after and after about a month they changed the route. But unless you pay you cant see all the flights that plane has done

And it wasnt 3 and a half hours it was actually around 4 hoirs 30 minutes

Did you ever actually fly that route

Good evening BlackBird,

No worries lol 😉
I recently flew on this route (with AA) and made a flight report of it. But are you sure it was AA 2235?


Yes 150% sure it was i remember the tags on my luggage

On my flight it was 4 hoirs 30 minutes and on the way back it was 4 hours on an a319

It was 2235

I live in Detroit, AA sends 738s to Detroit from Phoenix

Ok! My mistake - sorry! 😉

Was maybe confused!


Flight numbers change, I was on a Virgin 747 to London and the flight number was 10, but the next day it was 4

Also @Blackbird71, how did you like Metro Airport, I’m just curious

hahahaha…sound more like shots fired… @Blackbird71 @AF330

It was my first time beong there in 10 years it changed alot and we were at the end of the runway near our terminal we took off on the longest runway there to

I live near detroit about 1 and a half hours west