Welcome to my Tracking Thread!

I’m In the process of becoming an IFATC and Finished the written test.

Your Feedback is appreciated on pattern work, ground, departures and arrivals.

I need work on Pattern Work and Sequencing

I will post when I am active next.

I will most likely be active for around 30 Minutes.

I will tag whoever requests.


Hey tag me every time you open :)


Ok! Thanks for replying

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me too! (I’m trying to join as many tracking threads)


Tag me every time you open as well!


@TheBest @DJW @BenjiTheBull

I will be active for patterns and regular departures/arrivals at KFAT

~ 4:45 to 5:15 PST


Btw i recommend using smaller airports with less traffic so no trolls show up like KFAT or KLCK


ok i can change to KFAT

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Sorry, didn’t get the message till after, I be able to join on saturday

Just confirming, i havent started controlling. you cant come to this one in 30 mins?

oh, just saw the part with pst, I might be able to make it

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Glad to see your interest in IFATC. Feel free to ping me when you open!

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He’s open spawn next to me if possible

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@Arian_N Hey im currently active at KFAT

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Which stand are you in?

Gate 5 (10)

ready when you are

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Tag me when you are open!

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Sorry I was just open at fresno

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Thanks for the service!

Feedback from XB-NJI

Don’t need progressive taxi instructions when giving way

Don’t need pattern entry every time I do a touch and go, only when I come inbound

You should give clearance a lot earlier, preferably on downwind or crosswind

Don’t need traffic direction every time I land, only give it for a runway change or someone who has came inbound for touch and go

Not sure about the go around with cf-tfc bc we were on seperate runways

Late exit runway command(you should issue this at around 70 knots ground speed)

No need for hold short of runway 29L as quantum 88 was far enough away for a takeoff and cf-tfc was on 29R

No need for immediate takeoff because I had plenty of time

No need for extend downwind on quantum 88 as there was no conflict

No sequencing throughout the whole session

On the last a landing, you gave me exit runway command wayyyy too early, there was no way for you to know if I was making a full landing or just a touch and go yet

This may be hard to understand but ask questions if needed, you will be in IFATC in no time if you keep practicing!

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