A400M takes off right before an A380

This video shows the A400M taking off very shortly before an A380 touches down, their seperation is very short! The clip also show the awesome manoeuvrability of the A400M, I’ve seen this plane fly at RIAT last year and it turns as tight as if it’s a small fighter jet. The RAF have many of these on order, it’s an amazing new aircraft to replace the C130! It’s worth a watch:


OMG those were some awesome moves in the air! :)

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Farnborough (EGLF) airshow. Great viewing from that spot, last year watched the Avro Vulcan fly down that runway at about 100ft when it was on he rlast flight around the country. About 2,000+ people standing by the fence line watching!


Farnborough looked good, I also saw XH558 (The last Vulcan) on its last tour of the country at both the Air Tattoo and the Welsh National Airshow last summer, oh how she will be missed!

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I call airbus quality.


A cargo aircraft making a mid-air loop. Nice.

Thanks for sharing this vid! Thumbsup

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Is that the one at Hendon?

I’m not sure, it’s the last flying Vulcan that retired after last summers display season

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My mistake, Hendon´s Vulcan is XL318.

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I saw this on Instagram !

Great to share with the community.

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I seems to fly like a small aerobatic!!!

Did you know that one A400M crashed Near Madrid, Spain during trials? I don’t know the cause yet.

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