A39N Azul Rosa Livery First Long Haul

Today I bring some shots I’ve made on my first flight with Azul Rosa livery

This are specials cargo routes Azul are doing in pandemic

(AZU9902/AD9902) SBGL (Galeão Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) to SBKP (Viracopos Campinas, Brazil)

(AZU9758/AD9758) SBKP (Viracopos Campinas, Brazil) to EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands)

(AZU9759/AD9759) EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands) to SBCB (Cabo Frio, Brazil)

Expert Server (I didn’t get out of server)

Depart from Rio de Janeiro heading to Campinas Viracopos
(@Gabriel_Gava behind with A39N TAP)

Holding short runway 33 at Campinas Viracopos, heading to Amsterdam Schiphol
*(@Maverick_Brasil on landing)

In air arriving at Cabo Frio, Brasil from Amsterdam Schiphol.


A quickly shot for who don’t know about the fligh AD9759 to Cabo Frio, Brazil

All the flights quoted on topic are real