A388 squawking 7700

I was on flight radar 24 and I see a a388 squawking 7700 and seeming to be returning to CDG . Here are some screenshots


Doesn’t anyone know why is it returning or seeming to be returning?


Maybe check out an atc voice stream and see what they are saying?


Medical emergency maybe?

7500 is Terrorist attack,
7600 is no comms I think
7700 is emergency


If it was, I don’t think they would be returning to CDG when they are that far out


True, I think BCN can handle A380s so it would’ve went there instead

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Someone posted it before me for once! 😂


I’ve was thinking the same. Why retuning over there. Also it seems to not descent .

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Well they most likely would because an A380 is a international airplane and when it has an engine out or there is an electrical failure, it would rather go back to the origin airport since Air France has a hub there and service to fix the problem. Other airports around there most likely don’t have a hub in it. If it was a real emergency like 2 engines out, it probably wont go to the Paris Airport. It would rather just get it on the ground.


You make a good point

Well it seems it staying at a altitude of 37’000

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it isn’t descending because they are too far away from the airport. to start descending. I always think they start descending at around 200-250 nm away from the airport depending of they are on a RNAV STAR or not

What would the pilots be contacting at this moment. Tower or approach.

@Sam1 look at this! Omg!

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Center. At least in the picture. I think about 75-50 nm out they contact approach. Usually the top of approach airspace is 17,000 (of course depending on what the field elevation is) They start descending with center, then they go to approach once they are at or below the approach airspace.

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Well center is unavailable to listen on live atc. So I’m going with approach

What do you mean?

Center is live ATC so…

Oh thats what you mean. Ok I get it.

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