A388 cruise altitude

Hey IFC, just took off from EGCC to OMBD in an A388. Haven’t flown this aircraft in a while (partially because I like Boeing more than Airbus) and I noticed that I can only cruise comfortably at FL270. (85% N1) Is this normal? (201,560lbs)


Its not normal but the A380 physics are kinda broken in IF so


EGCC-OMDB will usually cruise at about 35,000ft-41,000ft. The high N1% is becuase of your weight and height. The higher you go, the thinner the air, and the easier engines can run. Don’t go top high and stall though. Step climb.

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@Ecoops123 yep that’s what I was planning to do. I won’t be able to go that high because apparently the A388 is a little broken at the moment.

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