A380's soon to be in the Philippines (New Airport)

Sangley International Airport

A new international airport might be built on a former air force base in Cavite, Manila. Watch the video to find out more. I’m so excited!!!


Looks like someone’s Architectural School project to me. Text to speech voiceover, just going through the architecture and not the estimated budget, or time to complete.



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Just to point it out, this video is from march of 2017.

That being said, a quick search brought up dozens of articles as the one shown below, all written 5, 6 or 7 days ago.

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Interesting , I can’t wait for this to happen. Maybe when I go back home 10 years from now I get to fly into this airport. 😊👌🏽👍🏼


I read on it and estimated time to build would take around 20 years or so. There are many articles about it too :)

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Well I guess it’s exciting? Personally, I think that maybe they should just add on to the airport instead of spending $12 billion for a completely new airport. Hopefully that money comes from not only the government.

This new airport would be a better alternative to replace the current congested Ninoy Aquino airport with more slots for airlines to fly to Manila. Hopefully the construction can be started as soon as possible 😊

@ItsPerses Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to expand the current airport. As Ninoy Aquino airport is basically located in the middle of the city with only one runway capable of handling widebodies. You can’t expand the airport without removing civilians houses near the airport viccinity


They were planning that too. Here’s the link :) P350B NAIA airport upgrade proposed

I think the article is a little old, but yea its still quite new. They are planning on adding a new terminal, runway and upgrade the current terminals

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Interesting. Point for me isn’t necessarily the new airport I guess, but more so on the fact that it costs a lot for the government. Again, I hope private companies are able to help with the costs.

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Yup. The big companies and rich guys are the ones that are going to pay for most, if not all of it. The creators developers of Singapore’s Changi airport is willing to help out :)

I’ve seen the air base after departing from NAIA, I’ve got a pic. I guess it’s time for an upgrade, especially since Terminal 1 is soooo crowded and old.


I can’t wait as well

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