A380s cause my roll/pitch inputs to be delayed or non-responsive

Since the latest update, I have had ongoing issues where any motion inputs are severely delayed or are completely non-responsive. This results in extreme aircraft inputs and crashes. Initially after the update it would happen intermittently with all aircraft types, but I was able to fix this by reinstalling the app. Now, it only happens when an A380 is spawned. I could be short final on the expert server on any aircraft type and if another user spawns in an A380 at a nearby gate I can lose all control of my aircraft. Similarly, if I fly an A380 it usually is responsive long enough for me to take-off (and immediately engage A/P) but when I disengage A/P on approach my iPad’s pitch/yaw inputs will be delayed/unresponsive. Exiting the app and reentering can rectify the problem for 5-20 seconds, but it always becomes unresponsive again. Today, I flew the A380 on a visual approach with only the speed on auto after an 11 hour flight and had full unimpeded control of the A380 from 30nm out until one mile final, then the inputs stopped responding and it crashed.

Device: iPad Pro 1 12.9”
Operating system: iPadOS 16.3.1

Can’t say for sure, but maybe it’s an issue with you device’s gyroscope? Try to reach to an Apple certified agency and explain your issue. Sorry if I can’t give you a definite answer.

Hi, It might help if you can reproduce the issue, then share that flight. From your description you may or may not be experiencing separate overlapping issues.

Sharing a reproduced version of what you are experiencing could help isolate what’s going on:

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I just tested this with the same device.
My iPad Pro 12.9 (2015 - 1st gen) is running iPadOS 16.7.7 though.

I was unable to reproduce this issue.

While another A380 was parked at the airport, there were no control issues while landing an A380.

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