A380s Are Being Grounded (Update: Korean Air Grounds All A380s)

Everyone is feeling the affects of this.

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Ok, that’s good

Nearly gave me a heart attack. The title was a bit misleading for me 😳 I thought it was going to be some safety issue… Similar to the MAX

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You weren’t the only one.

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Sad, but very reasonable decision considering the operating costs and current load factors
For anyone wondering what will happen to the LH crews, here a tweet from a LH A380 captain:

I am also very much with SteffenA380 hoping for a quick return of this fantastic aircraft, and for a good outcome for the crews.

I am pretty sure LH will find an acceptable solution though.

Um, what? If an airline shuts down, of course their aircraft are going to get grounded… this was covered in another post…

The A380 is the world’s largest passenger jet, and airlines cannot fly them anymore because their load factor isn’t even reaching 50%. I think that’s pretty important, especially when a really popular and huge airline has to ground their entire fleet of them…

On a different note, @Ishrion, is the grounding effective immediately (meaning when their A380s reach Munich/Frankfurt again today/tomorrow, is that when they will be grounded), or will they continue to fly until a certain date?

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It sounds like they’ll be grounded alongside the 50% capacity cut, which we don’t know the exact date.

Tomorrow Lufthansa should have a formal announcement regarding the groundings, and we should be able to see if FR24 shows any LH A380 movements.


I believe (just speculation though), that the grounding will be done step by step as it isn’t do to safety issues or anything like it:

There is the need for replacement crews and aircrafts to be sent to the stations abroad before an aircraft change can happen and hence I would suspect it to take a few days before the LH A380 remain on the ground.

Also it remains to be seen where the aircraft will be stored for this period of time as I can’t imagine LH letting them stay in FRA or MUC for longer than two weeks (due to the costs for parking). Maintenance would probably be a reason to let them stay in MUC or rather FRA though.

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This is definetely a very sad news. A380 is one of my favorite birds

not surprising but still :(

Hate to see the A380s be grounded. Hope COVID-19 doesn’t have a larger effect to the planes nor the airlines.

They can always have equipment change. They have 777’s. Just because their A380’s might be grounded doesn’t mean they’ll cancel the route as a whole.

Most modern aircraft are ugly from a design perspective (from the inside out).

Well I hope they don’t cut the A380 service on the JFK-Dubai routes… or they will have to go back to the 777’s like back then… I flew from Dubai-JFK in a 777 in 2009. Plus… anyways they have Newark-Dubai with a 777. So again, hopefully no A380 cuts on the JFK route

Definitely my least favorite plane, however at least they weren’t grounded on the terms of “airworthiness” like the MAX.

Hopefully they don’t get grounded as I haven’t yet flown on an a380 and I have on 777’s

The corona is doing bad changes to aviation

Imagine being an A380 pilot and having this happen

Qantas has announced major route changes along with grounding 8 of 12 A380s.

Most notably, RIP @Brisbane_Aviator

Brisbane to Chicago has been delayed from April to mid-September.
Brisbane to San Francisco will be suspended from April to mid-September.

For Texas people, Qantas will replace the A380 on its Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth route with the 787-9 from April 20 to mid-September.


Press release: https://www.qantasnewsroom.com.au/media-releases/qantas-group-update-on-coronavirus-response/?fbclid=IwAR3lzjX1hBYGKT-nQrL0f-T7vx76nK006A277CKMaDIa6Km-c7Fu8tAsIec

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It’s sad to see them go, yet better Economically for airliners. There are some obvious reasons to why this is happening, problems like the gate sizes and less demand for travel. (COVID-19 or Coronavirus is also one of the reasons). In a next few decades years nearly all A380’s will be stored in the scrapyard, just like the Boeing 747.

What else can I say, time flies! The Airbus A380 is the whale I will always remember. If I will have the opportunity to spot one, I will take as much pictures as I can.