A380s Are Being Grounded (Update: Korean Air Grounds All A380s)

Airlines across the world are grounding the Airbus A380.

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With the global situation continuing to persist, airlines are forced to reduce capacity. If airlines need to reduce capacity, they’ll ground their largest capacity aircraft - the Airbus A380.

Lufthansa has internally confirmed it will ground its fleet of 14 Airbus A380s. A few days ago, Lufthansa announced it would reduce its capacity by 50% due to falling demand from COVID-19.

In addition to that announcement, Lufthansa announced it was considering grounding its entire A380 fleet, which has now gone through.

Lufthansa will temporarily ground its fleet of Airbus A380s until May, and possibly into June. Lufthansa will make arrangements with employees regarding this grounding.


Lufthansa’s message to employees stated the average load factor on Lufthansa’s A380s was 35%, or around 178 out of 509 seats filled.

Even before this announcement, some of Lufthansa’s A380s such as D-AIMC and D-AIMF haven’t been flying for well over a week.

Lufthansa isn’t the first carrier to temporarily ground its A380 fleet. China Southern, based in Guangzhou 500 miles from the heart of the outbreak, has grounded its fleet of 5 A380s since mid-February.


Emirates has also stored some A380s at Dubai World Central Airport (DWC). However, some A380s such as A6-EDX, A6-EDN, A6-EOX, and more have already returned to service.


With the situation worsening in areas such as South Korea, Airbus A380 operators Asiana and Korean Air are seeing a reduced amount of flying with their A380s.

For example, one of Korean Air’s A380s, HL7614, has only flown once in the past week on a Seoul to Paris round trip flight.

One of Asiana’s A380s, HL7626, hasn’t flown in over a week while other Asiana A380s are seeing some reduced utilization.

Update 3/10/20: Korean Air grounds all 10 A380s.


Unfortunately, with falling demand this may force airlines to retire their A380 aircraft early. So far, Singapore Airlines and Air France were the first carriers to retire some A380s from their fleets before the crisis began.

All images per their respective airline.

What are your thoughts? Is anyone planning on flying the A380 in coming months?


Maybe this will be the final blow to the A380


Very interesting article!

Where do you get this vast amount of data from?

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Hopefully not, the A380 is one of my favorite aircraft and it would be awful to see them go.


The info regarding other airlines grounding the A380 is from FR24’s data

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I think it’s the end of the A388, he was beautiful but he will be remplace by the A350 or B77X

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As an avid fan of the A380 (first long haul aircraft I ever flew on), these news are quite saddening, and hopefully the A380 will live on!

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The end of the A380? This is a temporary situation, everything will get back to normal sooner or later. Calm down…


RIP @GlobalFlyer1, he was supposed to fly it to Munich. For me this is sad, the a380 is possibly my favorite aircraft to be on, such a different experience. I hope this isn’t the fatal blow to the mighty a380. I doubt it will be, especially for Emirates and stuff, but only time will tell I guess.


I’m hoping Lufthansa changes my plane to the A350 but it’s likely just going to be the A340… I even picked a seat on the top deck :(

It’s likely some more airlines will use this as a reason for early A380-retirement or to just stop flying them, especially since they use a lot of fuel. Hopefully the Lufthansa Group doesn’t have to ground more aircraft though, and especially not an entire type of them!


What route are you flying on Lufthansa? and when?


Personally I wouldn’t mind to see the A380 be completely retired simply because I never flew in it and therefore don’t have any emotional attachment to it.

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Lufthansa from San Francisco to Munich, April 10.


This is sad, but it makes sense, good luck A380 operators!

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Honestly the A380 is so ugly and inefficient plane.

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That CORVID-19 is ruining the aviation industry 😢


It really is, the people we share a hangar with is restructuring and letting a few folks go since they’re primary customers are from China


I’m going to Dubai on March 25 and now that I have read this post I’m beginning to think if the flight is going to be cancelled since Emirates is grounding them, as I understand

Out of all operators, Emirates seems to be recovering the most with their A380 fleet.

At one point they had about 11 in storage at DWC but more have been returning to service these past days.

It’s all aircraft really. Many Asian carriers have vast amounts of aircraft simply not flying. Not to forget all the job cuts. Lufthansa could be in serious trouble…

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