A380neo or 777-10 (Poll)

Which one is better?

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777-10 all the way!


I agree I’m excited for the new variants…

A380-800neo 777X Series
A380-900neo 737 MAX
A330-800neo 747-8I
A330-900neo 787
A350 XWB

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777-10X. All tha Way


Is there such a thing as a A380neo?

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That what I thought…

Doesn’t look like there will be one

I didn’t read the latest articles they planned to make it at the Farnborough airshow

Neither exist though - I’m confused. So I vote for a 80ft tall Unicorn instead.


The 777-9X is on testing, but not the 10X. That’s what I know.

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The 777-10X is actually confirmed to be in development

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Confirmed but not on testing yet :)

MY FAVOURITE! 🦄🦄🦄🦄 Unicorns all the way!

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Ooh, 787 like wings… 😮😮

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These are computer generated images…

(and I vote for the unicorn too)

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Nope. Boeing has not even started building the 777-9. The 777-9 is not even scheduled to start testing until 2018.

Gotta say the 777-10, not only is it an amazing aircraft, but I’ve always been a Boeing fan.

Me to @DreamPilot

Boeing is awesome

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