A380 wing/flap bug

Not really that deep, but once you’ve noticed something small, it will never want to leave your sight ;)

Both wings at the same spot. You can see that there is a more wide gap on the R wing. Looks odd to me.

Device: iPhone 14 Plus
iOS: 17.4.1
IF version: 24.2.1


This is not an important issue, and in reality, it is not perfectly matched here

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I wouldn’t say it’s a bug/error when building the aircraft, the A380 has spaces between flaps IRL.

Indeed as to why I said it’s not really that deep. However a small thing like this would be nice to
adjust, right? that’s just me though.

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I am very aware that the a380 and like most aircraft have spaces between the flaps. What i had pointed out didn’t deny that. Just the fact there’s a more wide gap on the other wing. :)

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