A380: weird roll angle for waypoints

Hey IFC (and Devs),

Currently I really enjoy flying the new 388. I recognized that at some waypoints the plane rolls in an extreme angle 15 deg plus (see image attached) while at cruise. I assume in real life most of the passengers would become sick.

I know this is not a big thing, but is it already known and considered to get fixed in future?

Thx for reply.


That’s not really a problem when in real life it could go to 45 degrees angle of bank so 15 degrees is nothing

I know, but this extreme parameters are happening under special circumstances. I’ve never experienced a flight where a plane (despite turbulence) forced someone to keep seated. This angle wouldn’t allow passengers to stay on their feet, right?!


Are you in crusie flight or descending because if you’re descending the passengers have to be seated

Rolling into a 30° bank is not common but it happens. It just depends on how big of a turn you have to make.


As mentioned: cruise

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I agree, let me try to explain it more in detail: irl the plane is following the intended route via the line between two fix points. Obviously the angle is to harsh for the plane so the flight path get interpolated… resulting in a smoother flight curve. I think the algorithm in IF is doing this calc to harsh, leading to the increased angle. Do you get what I try to explain? :)


Are you saying the roll rate is to fast?

The red line is how the plane is normally following the fight path. The sharp turns lead to a higher roll angle. If the path gets more interpolated the angle would be less (green)

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This is already a known issue I doubt it’s gonna get fixed anytime soon but maybe in the future


Maybe a hotfix update because this was a massive update so some things got messed up rewriting the code needed for the update 24.2.1 would probably be a hot fix update I don’t know because I’m not a developer just using common sense

I believe Laura has said in the past that the team has been working on smoother autopilot turns so it’s possible we may see this fixed in the future.

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Ah good to hear, thx.

AP turning could definitely use an update, I agree. It should 100% use interpolated lines instead of trying to follow the flight plan to a tee.

However, a 15-25 degree bank is not uncommon. We have to think about aerodynamics when it comes to turning.

On a super basic level:

When you speed up you increase your turning radius while you decrease the rate of turn.

When you slow down you decrease your turning radius and increase the rate of turn.

Cruise is when an airplane is typically moving the fastest, which requires a greater bank angle to make the required turns(or to compensate for the decreased rate of turn).

So in the end, its not necessarily “weird” , it just shows that the model has realistic physics which is awesome.

Take a look at this if you seek a deeper understanding of this concept:

And this is what I try to point out here: the plane moves fast, so the roll angle should be less strong and this can only be achieved with optimized calculation. 🧮

If this is already in scope of Dev as Joseph said: that’s great.

But you cant control physics. Yes you can optimize it by updating the behavior of the autopilot (interpolated lines as shown by the green line earlier), but the feature in and of itself is not wrong or weird.


You would have to provide a lot of evidence, math, and a lot of research material to prove that and to have the devs update the model. I am finding a lot which is suggesting the current behavior is accurate. Also, my flight training has also reinforced this principle several times.

We cant just change physics based upon what we feel is accurate.


More on what your suggesting.

I read your response more fully. My previous post was based off of a skim read.

This is the exact opposite of what physics tells us, and what I suggested in my initial response. When the plane moves faster the rate of turn decreases requiring an INCREASED bank angle to compensate. Having a shallower bank would increase the turn radius by a significant margin.

According to my calculations and studies in science class, This is incorrect
If a plane goes faster it will need more time to turn to the next waypoint thus making it miss the waypoint and making a 15 deg turn.
Screenshot 2024-03-13 2.44.37 PM
Also, it looks like you are too fast and descending and making a turn

Also, this does not look like a normal cruise
Screenshot 2024-03-13 2.47.08 PM

Omg guys, c’mon what is this gonna to be? Finding the failure? Arguing about who is in the right because visiting class xy?

The only thing I wanted to state is that the turns are to steep, it happens while in cruise, as well as while descending. Joseph already mentioned it is already noted on devs list, that’s fine. Sorry for getting rude but this doesn’t help at all and I think my sktibble already showed what I was asking for. Thanks.

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