A380 vs B787-9

A380 vs B787, which one is easier to fly?

  • A380
  • B787-9

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If a 787 variant is in a poll option, it always wins.


I find them both pretty easy to fly… the only hard aircraft in IF I would say to land are the tail dragges, but they are still easy to fly, just hard to land.


Definitely the B787 because it’s just so good implemented in the game. The controls feels really realistic. The A380 has to be reworked.


The A380 flies like a beached whale having a seizure.


If only the people knew the technology of the A380


A380 is way more easy, 787 is light so can’t really fly it.

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Not Neccesarily. If I say, which is smaller, the 737 or 787, which would you say?

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Boeing 787-9 all the way!

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Haha that is so true!

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The A380 is so slow and floaty. The 787 is responsive and doesn’t freak out when you engage or disengage the autopilot.

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I don’t like flying the 787. I really don’t know why. I think I’m used to flying my A380 and 757.

Blame those massive wings, the model is a pretty good approximation of the speeds it used.

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Is this a joke???

It needs almost the entire runway to take off at LAX. Once when I landed at LAX on Rwy 24R, a BA A380 took off right in front of us before where we stopped between the runways.

the magic of reduced thrust takeoffs at work, the A380 doesn’t need the entire runway, it just chooses to use it.

@Andrew_Anane why don’t you like the 787?

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The the 787-9. :)

I think I’m used to flying the older planes like A380 and 757 in IF. I also don’t like 787 in real life I like 747 and 777 better, it just doesn’t look right or good.

The A380 can’t tailstrike. If it can’t tailstrike, that means it purposely uses all the runway, when unnecessary.