A380 vs. 747

I do prefer the 747 however I’ve never been on ANY of the 2

The 747 has a bigger and better history

The A380 has had only 1 engine failure no people has died on the A380 since it came out… But if you check the 747 history you will disagree with your self :)

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I love both aircraft!

The A380 has been around for 8 years while the 747 for 50 years. You cant compare and old sick man to a yound healthy boy

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Okay then compare it … How many crashes has the A380 had in 10 years and the 747 in ten years … Pretty sure that they us a difference. PS the A380 has been around for 10 years .

I’m a Boeing person and I personally find the a380 ugly

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Don’t take about your self josh it ain’t good

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But as you can see the A380 was designed off the orignal 747 design that didnt succed. Airbus made the A380 based off 747. No 747 NO A380image


Haha looks like the A380 got boost from the 747…,

Well you can also say
no Wright brothers, Wright Flyer NO 747

I’m an a380 guy as well but your comparison isn’t that good, think of it this way, there are no a380s over 10 years old but there are plenty of older 747s still in service, the older 747s are far more likely to crash than the new a380s.

@Talkingribzz you have puzzeled me

@the_atwood_family Are you comparing the amount of crashes in the 747 and a380 in the past 10 years, if so I am saying that this is a bit unfair as:

A. The 747 is more popular and has more flights a day than the a380 (meaning more opportunities for it to crash
B. The 747 is far older than the a380. All the a380s in service are a maximum of ten years old, while there are 747s over 20 years old still in service, and it’s design is far far older than the 380’s meaning that the 747 is naturally more likely to crash.

As I say I prefer the a380 I just don’t think this is a good comparison.


I understand. Glad that you are the A380 guy … I am aswell… The A380 is what made me love aviation…

The new 747-8 is better and safer. Newer technology is less dependebal

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I disagree…

The new 747-8 is better and safer. Newer technology is less dependebal

The 747-8 bit which I corrected you is the A380

And yes @Logan_Whisman I find the YouTube insperational.

Newer technology is not always less dependable. One of the reasons why there are more twins than quads in service is because new engine technology made the engines more reliable. The redundancy of 4 engines was no longer needed.

Newer technology is what got aviation to where it is. It is not always a bad thing. A380 is a very modern aircraft too so you are making a moot point.


I watched planes because I wanted to see how realistic it would be. Anyways, the majority of the aircraft at the major airports were a) an A380, b) an A380 without the outer 2 engines, and a little shorter, or b), a 747