A380 Upper Door Issue

The jet bridge would always end up protruding through the body in between the main and upper deck and the U1L door would never open.

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This issue has already been reported. 😊

Please list the airport(s) and gate number(s) so they can be forwarded to the editor(s).

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So far, I’ve only gone to WSSS/SIN , and YSSY/SYD with the A380. At SYD, all the A380 gates at the international terminal do not attach properly. At SIN, i have only used gates B4 and A4 in T3. Both do not attach properly either

I’ll forward this to the editors of the respective airports, thank you!

I have seen LAX on 152 and NRT at gate 45. ICN also is missing a lot of 3rd jet bridges at T1

These have also been forwarded as appropriate.

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