A380 Upper deck jetbridge docking issue

At different airports, the ground performance of the A380 is also slightly different. For example, the first picture is from Guangzhou Airport (ZGGG) and the second picture is from Dubai Airport. The corridor bridge’s reaction to the third hatch is different. Although the corridor bridge in Guangzhou tries to dock, there is still no way to open the hatch, and all the doors in Dubai have a reaction. When choosing the shutdown seat, I guarantee that the small map shows the suitable blue dot and that it is a perfect parking. Therefore, I suggest modifying some shutdown positions or re-determining the standard of A380 parking.

Well, by the way, because I’m not a player in the English region, this suggestion is machine translation. There may be something wrong. Please don’t care. Have a happy day.

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I assume it is reported internally! Although its the IFAET that do make the airports i also assume that they are aware of the issue!

I changed your title to make things clearer.

This is an issue with the jetbridge itself. When its base isn’t raised to maximum height, the canopy fails to reach the door properly. In your example in Guangzhou, the base height is also limited by the connecting part from the terminal. Whereas in Dubai all jetbridges are raised to maximum height.


I had that issue too. Thanks for sharing!

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