A380 Update

Hey this is only for the ones who work at infinite flight that edit, I know the A380 is not ready but when will it be released?

The A380 rework will start after the release of the Private Jet.



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It hasn’t even started development yet (as far as we know), and once it does - it will take at least 6-9 months to make…probably on the longer end of that time range given how big the A380 is…


I don’t know what you heard that, infinite flight usually works on two aircraft at a time they have two separate development teams. They probably already started working on the 380 while the challenger is getting finished up.

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Yes sir. The Challenger 350.

I believe the devs did say somewhere (don’t remember where) at one point that the A380 rework would begin once the Challenger was complete.

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Oh Ok thanks

When it’s ready

Thats odd, i thought they had already started as they said they will work after the E-jets because they can do 2 at a time (like they did with the F18 and E175/E190)

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Skyler, you keep posting with the wrong account 🤣


They can do…but they won’t always do two at a time…it was probably the case there because the E-Jet and the F18 are both pretty small - whereas the A380 is huge and will probably need the whole team working on it.

Being released in 2095

We understand the anticipation is crazy for the A380 rework and believe me, I’m super excited for it too! However, at this moment in time we’re currently focusing on the Challenger 350 and some other bits behind the scenes. Upon completion of the Challenger 350, the team will shift their focus to the big bird.