A380 Texture Glitch

I not sure if this has been brought to attention yet as I couldn’t find a recent thread/post regarding the issues, so I thought I’d flag it up anyway:
Following the 19.2 update, the inside two engines on the A380s (engines 2 and 3) appear to be suffering from a texture glitch of some sort. See picture below.


It’s a typical livery problem. The 3D Artists could fix this issue or leave it until the next aircraft rework.

Although Air Austral wasn’t supposed exist in this game anyways. 😕

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Wait, are you really sure this happened after version 19.2?

Put it this way, having flown the A380 for hundreds of hours over hundreds of flights now… This is the first time I’ve personally noticed it.

Yep, unfortunately I’m very well aware of this. Hopefully this one will be high on the list though - one of the most awesome aircraft to fly on and look at.

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I see the glitch to. Try re starting your davice. This probably will not work but if it does great. It did not work for me. I deffenetly think this is an IF problem and not yourown fault. We may just have to wait until possibility IF release another update.


Yeah, it’s definitely an issue within the app. Patience is key, of course. Thanks for the help :)

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Welp, its been here for a while already… quite a while… nothing to worry about

Strange, not sure how I never noticed it to be honest. Anyway, cheers guys! Nothing to worry about!