A380 Takeoff at Manchester (50mph Gust crosswind)

“Crosswinds at Manchester Airport on January 13 proved to be a big challenge for the pilot of this Airbus A380.“

Sorry everybody, I cant seem to embed the link. this has been making into rounds on YouTube, this seems extremely risky and I was nervous just watching it!



I’m gonna be honest, just by watching the video, it doesn’t look that bad. The takeoff doesn’t look like pilots were having trouble or struggling but I can see it being difficult, dangerous and a challenge, since 50kts is not something to take lightly.

All in all, I must that A380 has a very good track record. With the exception of a few engines blow out of the sky, forcing emergency landings on both Air France and Qantas way, the Super Jumbo has fared well against heavy crosswinds, storms and snowy conditions.

Anyways, happy to see the pilots being able to control the A380 during takeoff here, and were able to execute a safe takeoff, even though quite rocky and scary but managed to pull it off :)


Nice aileron into the wind takeoff! I’d say it was a good job indeed. I guess smaller aircrafts might have called it a day and stay at their gate!

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