A380 Stalling While Climbing

As I was climbing out of RKSI at about FL320 I noticed that I was loosing altitude with the nose pitching up, but it was not showing that I was in a stall, even though is was. I’m still in flight at the moment but when I land I’ll add some videos/screenshots.

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How much fuel were you carrying?

If you were climbing with a lot of weight, it would eventually put you into a stall.

I highly recommend reading the thread provided below:

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You’re probably too heavy to climb.


Wouldn’t it still warn as a stall though?

Can you share the replay so we can have a look?

Remember, the A380 is a massive beast, and requires lots of power. If your AoA was too high with a speed too low, I would understand this happening. But as Hamza said, can you share that file so we can see?

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I can’t now as I’m still in flight and I will be for quite a while. I’m doing an ultra long haul from RKSI to KJFK but I will once I land

This isn’t my issue, I realize that it was my mistake, but my issue is that it wasn’t alerting a stall while it was stalling

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