A380 stalled

Ran into strange situation a380 stop gaining speed during clim

Seem something got stuck and i stalled no matter mow much power i put

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You were most likely very heavy. The tutorial below should help you.


At that alt I wouldn’t have a vertical speed that high, around 1200 would be enough, if at that point you were still losing speed then step. limb. Hold at that alt until you burn off some weight then climb up to your final cruise alt. With the release of global the weight and fuel matters a a lot when determining your cruise alt so learn to know when you should stop the climb. If you require anymore assistance PM me.

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Yes airplanes stall it’s been known to happen

Stall recovery
Lower the nose, put in full throttle, push on the rudder on the high wing, don’t level off until you have sufficient airspeed.

With the A380 you need to step climb, even more so if it is heavy. FL350+ on a heavy A380 is unrealistic. Normally you should start at V/S of 3,000 till FL100 ft then 2,000 till FL200 then 1,500 till FL300. Then set cruising altitude for FL300. As you burn fuel then you can climb appropriately to FL320 - FL350 - FL370 etc. Also as @Brandon_Sandstrom said if you run into a stall those are steps to you take to solve it.


Exactly as Ahmed commented , step climbing is the option to take with a heavy A380. Burn fuel before reaching FL 320 because after that no matter what your vertical speed is you will start losing speed to the point of stall.

Dont give yourself 100% fuel, only the right amount.
And as commented above do step climbing.

observation. I am familiar with step climbing. what I found odd was that when I level I was not able to gain speed

Then your altitude & weight was too high for your aircraft to be able to maintain and increase your speed.


yup and what law its in effect there alt was to high ? thanks

I don’t understand your question I’m afraid.

why altitude had effect once I am level to gain speed

I can’t tell you that. There’s a lot of parameters to take into consideration.

There are a bunch of topics covering this. You’re not the first one to discover you can’t climb to steep with a heavy aircraft and not have issues :)