A380 spotted at 735knts on Casual server

Speed match 735 knots!!! FL380 how does an A380 cruise at that speed? No tail wind 45knt wind from 4oclock.

This pilot is a grade 5. Any ideas?


It’s Casual Server. Fly and pray😬

Most likely the pilot throttled full as he/she tried to see how fast he/she could fly since the Casual Server is a perfect place to test the plane’s abilities.


There are various ways such as going into a dive to build up speed. This is the causal server though so he is free to do whatever he wants.


Because he can. :)

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Absolutely nothing wrong with that… As @Chaaron said, he probably dove to get to that speed🙃

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Maybe it better if you post in. I can tell it a funny one.

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Full power, and no violations, thats how you go fassstttt! 🔥

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Just fuel, no passengers or cargo.

I trolled him for 30 minutes no dive. I tried to replicate with 30 percent fuel and no passengers. I could not get wbove 610. Very interesting for sure. Time for more experiments.

This was on Casual and considering it’s a Grade 5 he/she probably wanted to get away from the rules and mess around.


Concorde is CONFIRM?! 😱😱😱😂😂😂

But in all seriousness, it is the casual server, so anything can happen there. Even a Raptor cruising in Low Earth Orbit.


Its not about mama . I am curious how he got it that fast straight and level.


I’ve done a thousand in an A380 while in a steep dive once.

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That’s funny

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I’m sure in the next screenshots you see his wings falling off 😉


Why am I not surprised 😉

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Like everyone said, Casual is Casual. People, no matter what grade they are, are allowed to do basically whatever they want. Even though it’s still bad, I would recommend going on training server if you are grade two. It is much better than that.

I don’t think Cian is saying he should not be able to do this but ask how is it possible.

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😳 Maybe the pilot in control loaded the wrong video and floored it while listening to ol’ Sammy Hagar 😂

Note the almighty P-51 💗


Thank you Matthew