A380 Shadow Glitch/Issue


Just noticed this when flying the A380, that the shadow on the ends of the wings seem to cut off. Pictures below show what i mean way better.

Now I understand that the A380 is a bad model but this only just reasently appeared, it wasnt like this before.

By the way i was flying using all high graphic settings so maxed out, using an IPad Pro 12” 9. On IOS 12

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Looks to me that it could be with the airport. not sure but from the ground scenery it looks like it. you could always try clearing the scenery cache though

No its the plane as it was the same when i landed in Dubai.

Has it happened more than once?
you can always reinstall the application to see how it goes

I don’t think that’s an issue and is supposed to be like that

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Well I only flew the A380 once, yesterday. Might fly it today and see.

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Hey maybe try clearing cache or try it at another airport?


He already said it…

What he meant is this. The shadow is not related to the scenery or the airport location. It’s the aircraft.
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We have the issue reproduced! We’ll see if it’s something we’ll address before or with a future rework :)