A380’s tyres burst due to hard landing!

So yesterday I was checking the radar at Perth Airport, and I seen the A380 land with the full runway length, (unusual) and many vehicles around it. I later found out that the plane made a hard landing that resulted in some of the gear being burst. Now I’ve been on a very hard A380 landing where people screamed and everything, but as far as I’m aware nothing happened to the gear, which means this landing must’ve been a very hard one.


Heads up its tires.

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Tyre is actually used too, just not in the US

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Ah. Fair. Silly silly dialects.

The plane is kicking again. Just a short gear change and she is a flyin’.


The series of photos led me to believe burst tires were gonna show up in the last photo as I scrolled down… anticlimactic. Kidding. Thanks for sharing!


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