A380 Roof cut



Device: Android
Graphic setting: medium
Server: TS2
Place: LA area
Altitude: All
Speeds: All
Enviorment: All
Time of day:All

Anyone else experienced this?

I Have the same prob also in the a330. I Think it is a bug

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Is this in any way similar to this?

Is it affected by the zoom level?

No I don’t have any flickering, don’t know about the A320 series. As for the zoom level it is not affected by it as seen in the photos.

No it doesn’t flicker, all the A380s have it permanently. This probably due to the aircraft being in IF so long without a rework.

@anon70772274 @Eiknixsis

Which graphics settings do you have?

Here you go Seb. This is the graphic setting for the OP according to them. 🙂

Thanks… early bird over here. :)

Still, which one is set to medium? All? Only one? Two?
I can’t reproduce this with all settings to “Medium”.

I need the entire page for the graphics settings…

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Here I also have this problem with some aircraft, E195, A320

Don’t see any problem for this in the A380

If you can’t provide this information and are having the issue, there’s no point in posting. Neither is if you don’t have the issue. Thanks :)

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I was able to reproduce it.

Device: Samsung galaxy S8

Hm. Thanks!
Must be Android only… I don’t get it with those settings on my XS Max.

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I can try on my iPad pro if you want?

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Please do! Mine is in a drawer with 0% battery.

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I was able to reproduce it as well on my iPad 6th Generation and the same settings.

image image

Also happens on the iPad Pro 2018

Okay. Thanks!
Obviously need to investigate this a bit more.


Did a bit more testing. It seems to happen on all quality settings.

Device: iPad Pro 2018

Low settings

High settings (not as bad)